Best Yoga Mat for 2020

Here are our Top 5 picks for Yoga Mats in 2020:

1.Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

The best yoga mat for people who are really serious about their yoga practice.

Your hands and feet won’t budge on the 6 millimeters that this natural rubber mat provides. There is also plenty of padding for your knees. It’s available in a massive 85-inch size too, if you need more space.

This mat scored almost perfect marks on all 9 attributes our professional testers rated, including stickiness, weight, thickness, durability, and overall feel. Manduka’s mat has two sides, a smooth “sticky” side that makes your hands and feet adhere to the mat, and a spongy “grippy” side that instead provides traction because of it’s textured surface.

That lets you dial in how much traction you need whether you’re doing hot yoga, restorative yoga, or anything in between. It is also Free of ALL Chemicals. The High Performance The 6-millimeter-thick Oeko-Tex Certified material is super supportive, so sensitive knees and elbows won’t sink through to the floor.

It’s slightly oversized 3 inches longer and 2 inches wider than a standard mat which gives you some breathing room but doesn’t take up tons of space in a cramped class. If you need even more real estate, the Reversible (Big) Mat is huge comparatively. These mats are on the heavy side and the surface is relatively easy to clean. They also have a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Buy On Amazon for $101.00

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2.Jade XW Harmony Mat

Made of natural rubber, the Harmony mat feels like it suctions to your fingers and toes, and is especially good for hot yoga. But being rubber, it has that lingering rubbery odor, especially when it is new.

The JadeYoga Harmony Mat is made from 100 percent rubber, and this offers some advantages because it absorbs a lot of moisture and helps maintain traction in sweaty situations. It is slightly thinner than our number 1 pick, at 3/16 inch (4¾ millimeters) thick, but still provides a spongy-yet-supportive feel for your hands, feet, and knees.

It comes in four sizes, but our favorite is the Extra Wide. This mat is a bit heavier than most, which not everyone loves, and rubber also contains latex, so you have a latex allergy, try one of our rubber-free option below. On Amazon for $104.95

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3.Gaiam Athletic Duramat

*A completely rubber-free mat

Made of compressed PVC, the Duramat offers support, cushioning, and stickiness similar to those of our two top picks, but without the pungent smell or latex content of rubber.

For those allergic to latex or can’t stand the smell of rubber-based mats, the Gaiam Athletic Duramat is a good substitution. At 5 millimeters, it still pads and supports the body and is satisfactorily sticky, and its extra-long and extra-wide dimensions provide ample space to spread out in Savasana.

Many in the yoga community are concerned about the use of PVC and the phthalates it contains. If you have little ones who want to practice with you or you’re concerned about contaminating yourself, the PVC Gaiam uses is free of the 6 most toxic phthalates that were banned by Congress for use in kid’s products making it a much safer option than most on the market. On Amazon for $50.95

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4.YogaAccessories 1/4" Mat

This squishy ¼-inch (6.2 millimeters) PVC mat is a really good deal for the price. It measures 6 inches longer than your average low cost, too.

Not everyone has $100 to shell out for their first yoga mat. Although, it is still a good idea to have your own mat (rather than use the bacteria-infested ones that the studio or gym provides), which is where a PVC foam low-cost one like this is appealing.

Its PVC foam is a generous ¼ inch (6.2 millimeters) thick which is generously cut at 6 inches longer than standard yoga mat length, and available in 29 bright colors. Still, it’s less dense than the Gaiam, so very sensitive knees may feel the floor under it, we recommend using it as a layer between yourself and the mat offered in your class,and because of it's added width and length it should cover it completely. On Amazon for $27.99

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5. JadeYoga Voyager

This was the only travel mat we tested that folded small but still gave us excellent traction during our practice and didn’t move around on the floor.

This thin, lightweight Yoga mat is the only travel mat we tested that folded down small enough for packing, provided excellent traction during our practice, and did not shift on the floor as we moved around.

We found the traction of this mat to be as good as that offered by our rubber mat choice, also made by JadeYoga. This mat does have significantly less cushioning than our other picks. But we also tried it out on the carpet and were pleasantly surprised to find that it stayed put as well as it did on the bare floor. On Amazon for $39.95

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