Can Yoga Make You Taller?

There’s no doubt that yoga is extremely beneficial for the body and the mind — but can it really make you taller?

The short answer is… not exactly.

While Yoga stretches can reverse some of the compression caused by gravity making you slightly taller.

Your height is actually determined by your genetics, but how tall you appear can be influenced by the way you carry yourself. So, while starting a yoga practice can’t rewrite your DNA, it can surely help you stand taller, more self assured and confident.

Better posture:

Between work and all of our other sedentary life habits. We all have a lot of reasons to slouch during the day.

 Yoga can improve posture and undo the effects of slouching. The reason for this is that yoga practices involve plenty of inversions, spinal twists and back stretches that work as a natural remedy for the tiny bones in the spine. Yoga builds a strong core and can realign the body in a way that allows you to stand a little taller over time.

Because yoga is a low-impact form of exercise, it can also build strength and bone density without the risk of stressing your joints.

While Yoga cannot perform the miraculous act of extending the length of your skeleton.

The reason this misconception is out there is that Yoga can indeed change your perceived height.

But a regular yoga practice can allow you to regain and maintain your actual height.

Yoga practice also improves your body awareness. This awareness adds to your standing straighter and taller too.

Strengthening and lengthening muscles through yoga classes can add to the appearance that you are taller as well. As your body becomes leaner, your height naturally becomes more evident.

9 Yoga Poses To Make You Seem Taller:

The following poses are great to practice to improve your posture and help you stand a little taller. They stretch, strengthen, and create more space in your spine, neck, shoulders and chest, along with many other benefits such as stress and tension relief.

1. Seated Forward Bend

2. Triangle Pose

3. Tree Pose

4. Cat and Cow Pose

5. Standing Forward Bend

6. Reclining Hero Pose

7. Cobra Pose

8. Wheel Pose

9. Plow Pose

While Yoga will not make you taller, you’ll definitely stand a little taller with a regular practice, now and in the future if you’re consistent.

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