Can Yoga Help You Build Muscle?

In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to spend any time at the gym, carelessly​ picking things up and putting them down.

Yoga builds muscle just as your typical weight lifting gym routine does. After all, it's just a different application of bodyweight exercises.

From progressive overload to metabolic stress, a strong Yoga practice will naturally engage these muscle-building processes, but we can optimize them through pose progressions, flow structure.

Yoga is both bodyweight training and muscle regeneration. You bring your body into positions and orientations where your muscles need to support you such as downward dog, triangle pose or handstand. There are many presents/causes​ that require significant strength.

See? You are lifting weights - your own body weight!

The great thing about Yoga is that you also activate those little muscles you may not see but which make you stand tall and hold all the poses.

Of course, there is a limitation of weight when you only lift your own body weight. It may take a little more time, skill and determination to truly see your muscles transform. So if your only goal is to build big muscles, weight training might be a better option for you.

But there are a few reasons why Yoga can be a more balanced way to get that toned physique you are looking for...

The benefits of doing Yoga to build muscle include:

You train all muscles in a more balanced way, the smaller and bigger ones at the same time, while with weight training you often only train one muscle group at any given time.

Yoga can help your body perform better in a more holistic way.

Through Yoga, you will feel better while walking, sitting, bending, lifting and even sleeping. ​The strengthening and stretching you will do in Yoga will mobilize your muscles and joints, keeping them strong and preventing painful injuries.

Yoga can also increase muscle endurance because you hold the poses for a much longer period of time than you normally would in your day to day life. Yoga strengthens your whole body and connects it with your mind.

So the answer is Yes, Yoga can definitely help you build more muscles and get the toned, lean body that you’ve been hoping for.

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