Best Yoga Mat Bags 2020

Here are our Top 5 picks for Yoga Mat Bags and Totes in 2020:

We loaded five mats of different sizes and weights into 10 different carriers, discussed design features and, lugged them to and from class. We picked our top 5 favorites and decided that the YogiiiTote bag was the best. This bag is for yogis who want to carry a mat plus a few accessories to class. It’s a pared-down tote that cleverly secures your mat, while still leaving room for the essentials.

1.Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag

The YogiiiTote is elegant in its design. Unlike a typical shoulder-style tote bag, this bag has a “high-low” opening: The back of the bag rises higher than the front, which keeps your rolled-up yoga mat from falling out behind you as you walk.

The YogiiiTote also holds your mat close to your body which can be especially helpful in crowded situations. It doesn’t offer as much storage space as some of its competitors. But if you’re bringing only a mat and a few essential items to class with you, this lightweight bag will hold everything you really need and make you look great while you carry it.

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2.Manduka Go Move Yoga Mat Carrier

This is the carrier that assumes that you don’t need to carry anything besides your mat into class. To use it, you slip the loops at either end of the strap around the ends of your rolled-up mat and pull them tight.

We found attaching this strap to our mats to be faster and easier than with any of the other kinds of strap carriers that we tried. It kept our mats safely rolled up as we carried them without sliding out. The cotton strap itself has a sturdy feel to it and the loops are firmly stitched.

Our only concern is that the strap was designed in such a way that it will only tighten around your mat when you are carrying it, so if you set your mat down the loops loosen and you have to make sure it is secure when you pick back up again. All in all this strap is quick and easy to use. It securely holds your mat without having to line up the straps which can hold you up when you’re on the go. On Amazon for $19.98

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3.WRASCO Canvas Yoga Backpack

The Natural canvas looks good, holds its shape, does not stretch. The strap easily adjusts and the buckle does not slip under the weight of the bag and holds the required length well. It is made of a very durable material and the strap is comfortable on the shoulder.

The thing we liked best about this bag was all of the compact storage on board. There is room enough for your phone, keys and a separate pocket for a water bottle all without looking bulky. On Amazon for $47.90

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4.Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

Looking for an awesome and stylish Yoga mat bag? Then this is the bag for you!

It has a bold and sophisticated look. Kindfolk yoga mat carrying bag is vegan and environment-friendly.

It is made from a man-made high-quality plant leather for extra durability, it has a cotton lining with extra stitching on the stress points.

Not only is it a durable, stylish bag but also very versatile. It is an excellent choice if you go to work before your classes and want to cleverly conceal it. On Amazon for $34.99

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5. Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag

This Yoga mat tote bag by Ewedoos is large and has a simple yet modern environmentally-friendly design. It is made of a brightly colored canvas material with a wide sturdy strap.

The shoulder straps of this bag are wide and very easy to carry. It has several sections for your things like keys, phone, and other yoga equipment. It fits everything effortlessly, ready for you to grab and head out the door. On Amazon for $24.95

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