Best Yoga Blogs for 2020

Yoga is not a fad or a passing trend. These 10 Yoga Blogs bring light and energy to the web.

Here are our 10 favorite Yoga Blogs for 2020:

1. Stretch & Sweat

Your Yoga Questions Answered.

2. Elephant Journal

How to live a more Mindful Life

3. Namaste by Yoga Journal

Catch up on the latest yoga news, upcoming events, and yoga trends.

4. Do You Yoga

Yoga Poses, How Tos, Articles and more.

5. Yoga Life Blog

Tips and tricks about Yoga.

6. Bad Yogi Blog

A genuinely happy, totally basic wellness blogger.

7. The Journey Junkie

A journey to wholeness in beautiful Sicily, Italy.

8. Yoga Girl

A safe corner of the online world for Yoga lovers.

9. Yoga Matters

Balancing Physical Fitness With Mental Wellness.

10. Mind Body Green

Connecting Soul and Science.