Best Meditation Cushions 2020

Here are our Top 5 picks for Meditation Cushions in 2020:

Meditation is a seemingly simple practice that’s all about reconnecting with your body and mind. You can do it almost anywhere, and you can sit on almost anything while you do it. In other words: By no means do you need a meditation cushion, but having a dedicated sacred space can help you build a more dependable routine.

Consider purchasing a cushion when you want to really focus, without being too distracted by the discomforts and limitations of your body. It can help you correct and align your posture by elevating your pelvis so that your hips are above your knees which in turn leads to your new meditation practice becoming more successful and enjoyable.

1. Alexia Meditation Seat

A meditation cushion by Alexia is actually a seat. This kind of cushion gives you support for your whole body (lower back, knees, legs, feet). It’s very, very comfortable, and with it, you will find your meditations getting deeper more effortlessly than you can imagine.

The only issue is the price, which is a few hundred dollars. This is for those that are really ready to take their practice to the next level. It is an investment into your personal wellbeing. This meditation chair is all about self care. It comes in 3 styles: Fabric,

Vegan Leather and Genuine Leather.

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2. Brentwood Home Meditation Cushion

When it comes to design, this meditation cushion by Brentwood is definitely our favorite. It looks amazing and feels even better. Plus it is not too heavy and therefore, very portable.

This cushion is also quite versatile and can even be used to stabilize your yoga postures, eg. any kind of arched back pose.

All in all, it is an exceptional meditation cushion that lends a solid foundation and provides the extra height to elevate your hips and pelvis, all while looking amazing. The fabric is also is easy to wash.

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3. Zenjara Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion

This is another truly beautiful cushion, It has a classic wheel shape. It’s filled with natural buckwheat hulls and contains no plastic. The washing of the exterior cover is easy as the cushion has a zipper that allows you to easily remove the filling and the cover.

This cushion was comfortable for all of our testers, but if you’re not as flexible or have ankle issues, it’s worth looking at adding a zabuton mat, designed to be placed under zafus, zabutons it provides some extra protection for your ankles and knees, depending on your meditation posture of choice.

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4.Node Fitness Crescent Cushion

While the majority of lower-priced cushions are limited in shape, size, and the kinds of premium materials you’d find in more spendy models, there are still some worthwhile picks, especially if you’re just starting your practice.

Among a budget field that frankly offered little to no real variation between styles, the Node was our favorite for its interesting shape, portability, and quality fabric, You can expect firmness and support right out of the box, but it is not recommended for those with flexibility issues because of its close proximity to the floor.

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5. My Zen Home Dhyana Meditation Cushion

This is a folded meditation cushion using traditional Thai patterns which make it quite unique looking. It is made from 100 % organic materials. Durable and firm The cushion is functionally versatile and definitely gets the job done, without breaking the bank.

main advantage of this design is that it performs the function of both zafu and zabuton cushions all in one package. We recommend this cushion for the beginner.

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