4 ways to get 200% More Page Views on your LinkedIn

LinkedIn Growth beyond your wildest dreams!

First let me just say how important it is to be an active contributor to the network, your goal should be to join group discussions at least once a week. This is the easiest path to getting more page views and growing your connections to get more clients.

1. Locate the Right Group

At the top of LinkedIn, there is a button called “My Network.” On that page, you will find many people that are “Recommended For You.” You may know some of these people, and if you click “Connect” on one of them, then a connection invitation will be sent to them.

One of the main qualities of all the gatherings you join should share? They should all be dynamic. On the off chance that there hasn't been any conversation in the group in the most recent week, pick a topic yourself and start the conversation.

2. Get the Lay of the Land

When you join a group, read through everything posted in the most recent week (or month, to gauge the temperature of the room. Engage with a conversation style at the crossroads of (easygoing yet formal. You definitely want to be some place in the middle, so you don't put anyone off.)

Conversations about industry news, are a good place to begin.

This cycle may sound tedious, yet it shouldn't require over 15 minutes of work, tops.

3. Join a Discussion

You can add 5 or 6 comments before you post your own query. Think of Linkedin Groups like dinner you would a dinner party, you would prefer not to be the unpleasant guest who appears late and afterward attempts to rule the discussion.

The conversation you remark on doesn't need to be overly dynamic. Let's assume you discover one a long time back that people have stopped commenting on, yet it's on a subject you know about and you'd love to bring up something different that everybody seemed to have missed.

Don't hesitate to resuscitate the conversation!

4. Start Your Own Discussion

Share articles or destination links that your connections of group would find fascinating.

LinkedIn permits you to share your conversations via link so you can share on other social media channels, so in the event that you truly need to begin a sound discussion, post the content on Twitter or Facebook to extend your reach.

Whenever you've remarked on or begun a conversation in a group, your work is just beginning... you can now pick and choose who you'd like most to engage with.

After its rolling you can just sit back for a moment and watch the discussion, when your ready you can begin this process, and within 8-10 weeks of solid effort you'll be enjoying 200% more page views on your LinkedIn profile, and lots more traffic to your business.