4 steps to a better LinkedIn profile in 2021

How to make your LinkedIn profile better.

1. Pick the correct profile picture for LinkedIn

Your profile picture is your reason most people will click on your LinkedIn profile – without one you be thought of as a fraud or a scammer. It is the way individuals are able to become acquainted with you and that first impression will take you a long way towards making more connections.

Here are some fast tips, to begin with:

Ensure that your face takes up around 60% of the space allotted, and make sure that you are positioned close enough to the camera. (significant distance shots don't stick out enough and will not be clicked on for connection), wear what you might want to wear to work( whatever is appropriate for your industry,) and smile sincerely with your eyes!

2. Add a Relevant background photograph

Your background photograph should also be relevant to your industry. It is the second visual component on your profile page. If is done well and is a high-resolution image, it will catch peoples attention. This small detail shows a little bit of your personality and what makes you different.

More than anything, the correct background photograph will ensure that your page sticks out in the crowd.

3. Make A Feature

Don't make your background image just a photo, throw a white overlay on top of it and add some text defining exactly what you do in your industry.

Utilize this space to say a bit more about your contribution to your industry. Look at the top performers in your industry do in this space...they in all likelihood will have more than their work titles in there.

4. Deal with your supports Everyday

When supporters begin to come in, meaning you are receiving more than 25 connection request every day. Be proactive in dealing with your supporters, reply to all inbox communication, even if you just say a quick thank you. Also, be sure to be selective in whom you accept into your newly formed community. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. After your first 500 connections are made , you should take the time to comb through all of your supporters. You can pick which ones you want to keep, and which ones to get rid of. connect with consideration and stay significant.