20 Products for Your DIY Meditation Room

Here are our Top 20 picks for Your Meditation Room in 2020:

It is Easy and Rewarding to Create a Dedicated Meditation Space.

Select an area or corner of your home that you feel most drawn to and check out these products. They will make your space so inviting, that you’ll want to use it everyday.

1. Exclusivo Mezcla Luxury Quilt

This cozy quilted throw is reversible, both sides could be used individually. Prewashed and preshrunk for maximum durability.

Size: Quilted Throw ( 60" x 50") . Material: Cover: 100% Cotton.

2. Washed Corduroy Tatami Floor Cushion

This kind of cushion offers you gentle support when sitting on the floor. It’s very, very comfortable, and with it, you will find your meditations getting deeper more effortlessly than you can imagine.

Versatile and easy to layer, makes this floor pillow a beautiful addition to any space.

Buy On Amazon for $29.79

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3.Handmade Indian Copper Pot

This Copper Kalash pot is used to store holy sacred water during hawans and other Indian puja ceremonies. It would be an excellent authentic addition to your sacred space.

Good for abundance manifesting. Manufactured with fine quality copper; it signifies the true sense of spirituality and grandeur.

On Amazon for just $10.00

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4. Carved Wooden Storage Box

Hand carved from mango wood, which is eco friendly and water resistant. Hand carved and finished, variations in knots, grain detailing, mineral deposits and minor imperfections may occur, making each piece unique.

The box is 6 inches, Width - 4 inches, Height - 2.5 inches

On Amazon for $12.98

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5. Solid Brass Lotus Flower Incense Stick Holder

Stick incense burner combines the lotus design with aromatherapy, The Lotus flower means one is in pursuit of a better life. It has 9 holes and is made of solid hand carved brass, so it is very durable.

On Amazon for $10.99

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6. VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser can last for 10 hours (in low mist level) with a water tank capacity of 300ml. The mist output of aromatherapy diffuser can reaches 20 feet, and it has 7 Lights and 15 modes.

On Amazon for $32.99

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7. 8mm Natural Lava Rock Tibetan Mala Bead Necklace

This 8MM Lava Rock Necklace;s total Length is 33" and stretchable, it can also be worn as a bracelet. It has 108 Meditation Prayer Beads.

On Amazon for $11.99

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8. Dharma Store - Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals

These Cymbals are made from traditional Tibetan formula of 7 metals. The Weight is Approximately . 215 gm & the Thickness is 5 mm. They are Hand Tuned & Crafted in Nepal.

On Amazon for $11.90

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9. Modern Buddha Wall Art On Canvas

This Zen Decor piece is printed on Canvas with a Scroll Wood Frame.

On Amazon for $18.99

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10. Benjara Hand Carved Folding 4-Panel Wooden Room Divider

This room divider is made of Mango Wood and features an Antique Finish and is Handcrafted in sun and moon carvings that is sure to make a striking addition to your meditation space.

On Amazon for $187.00

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11. Levoit Kana, Himalayan Salt Lamp

100% Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt with a Real Rubber and Wood Base, It comes with a Dimmable Touch Switch, and 2 Extra Light Bulbs, the total weight is approximately 5.8 lbs.

On Amazon for $24.99

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12. Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner

This backflow incense burner can be used both with incense cones and incense sticks.

On Amazon for $25.94

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13. MAHAO Handmade Straw Cushion

This Natural Eco friendly floor cushion includes:1* floor pouf. It is made of a Straw covered Steel Frame. The size is:Diameter 40cm(15.75in) Height 17cm(6.69in)

On Amazon for $39.99

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14. Pure White Sage Smudge Candle

Natural Soy Wax Tin Candle for Aromatherapy. This healing candle was produced for smudging, purification, stress relief, anxiety soothing and ultimately providing an energy boost. The company states that Love, light, and positive energy goes into every candle.

On Amazon for $12.99

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15. Buddha Head Sculpture Set

An intricate Asian inspired Buddha candle garden.Includes 2 carefully crafted lotus shaped candle holders, Buddha head ornament, decorative rocks and wooden display tray.

On Amazon for $29.99

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16. Alpine Pouring Tabletop Fountain

This Indoor Zen Fountain has 3-tiers, it has a relaxing water flow, and will transform your space into a restful oasis. The interior pump keeps the water flowing - just plug it in and enjoy!

On Amazon for $35.74

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17. Tibetan Singing Bowl

This hand hammered antique style 3.5 inch singing bowl is made of seven different metals from the Himalayan Mountains by Nepalese traditional artisans. It comes in a set with a mallet & silk cushion.

On Our Favorite is on Amazon for $21.99

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18. Sacred Geometry Wall Art

This Fibonacci Sacred Geometry Wall Art is Laser Cut from High Quality Birchwood. Brings Positive Vibrations and Energy of Creation, Perfect for Meditation Practice.

On Amazon for $31.75

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Artificial Succulent Plant Set

Beautiful arrangement of mixed artificial plants with a moss filling in a low profile concrete planter. Size: 8 W x 9.7 L x 4.8 H; Pot

On Amazon for $29.99

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20. Deep Zen Woodstock Chime

Just a gentle tap with the mallet and the Zenergy Chime emits a powerful tone of singular beauty that lasts and lasts.

On Amazon for $13.00

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21. Bonus! NuLOOM Turkish Area Rug

Made in Turkey for optimal softness and durability. This rug design is distinctive and eye-catching. Size: 5' 3" x 7' 7".

On Amazon for $95.99

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