Yoga by the Pool

Yoga and Meditation Retreats


01/19 - 01/23

A 6 Day opportunity to dive deeper into tantric yoga while immersing yourself into Greek island life.




03/19 - 03/29

10 Days of yoga in a place where time slows down, the days are delightfully long, and giant cliffs meet the sea.




06/10 - 06/24

 14 Day Luxury Restorative Yoga Retreat with Laruga Glaser in Mykonos.



Welcome to Stretch & Sweat Yoga, your online resource for Yoga tips & tricks. This is not only a yoga blog but a space for happy hearts and healthy souls. No matter what type of Yoga you practice. Our mission is to answer all of your Yoga and Meditation questions to help you on your journey. At Stretch & Sweat we will help you satisfy your wanderlust through one of our tantric sex centered yoga retreats and experience the benefits of cultivating your daily practice towards a healthier sex life.


About Us:

We are a group of Yogis creating a more mindful existence through meditation techniques, mindfulness exercises, and inspiration through Tantric Sex Yoga information and retreats. We are here to help you on your journey to a more connected and consciously intimate life.


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